Do you walk barefoot on your carpet? Lets hope you've gotten your carpets cleaned in the last 6

It is said that your carpet possibly holds up to four times its own weight in dirt. Let’s say that again – up to four times its own weight in dirt. There is the strong potential that the fibres in your carpet are holding all sorts of hidden nasties that could be harmful to your health and that of your family. You could be walking over the following invisible items-

  • Hairs from pets

  • Urine from pets

  • Skin cells that you've shed

  • Feces from insects

  • Bacteria

  • Mold

  • Other organic compounds and allergens

All of this attracts dust mites to add to the sheer weight of debris that resides in your carpet. This is all present even when you regularly vacuum your carpet. Conventional household vacuum cleaners just don't have the power to deal with all of this mass of dirt. They don’t get rid of all the dirt completely.

Do you need to worry? Can this harm your health? What can you do about it?

This is a worrying amount of dirt that you, your family and your pets live in and around every single day. It can be harmful to your health in the long term, and in everyday terms it is not pleasant.

But help is at hand. Read on to find out more about how you can make it better.

There is a solution to make sure that you can cleanse your carpet of this debris. If you get your carpet professionally cleaned every six months then it will remove so much of the dirt and do much of the potential harm. A professional deep clean for your carpet will deal with the extra weight it's been carrying for so long. This means that you will be living in and around a healthier, cleaner carpet that won't harbor anything of the items listed above.

Be free from pet hairs. Say goodbye to pet urine - who wouldn't want to say goodbye to that! No more dead skin cells - hooray! Feces from insects can take a hike. Bacteria go away. Mold no more.

It makes your whole home a more healthy and friendly place to be. Your friends and family will notice the difference as your carpet will look and smell cleaner. You will be happier in the knowledge that you will have got rid of as many of the germs, dirt and bacteria that you can.

Everyday cleaning has its place but there are times to call in the professionals and make sure that you are right on top of where you need to be. Getting your carpet cleaned twice a year is one of these jobs that will help you to keep a cleaner household.

Take a little time to think about how you want your home to look and feel and think about the nasties there could very well be lurking in your carpet. Now think about getting your carpet cleaned regularly, as a clean twice a year can really make a big difference.

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