Who and What is PACE . . . ?

What is PACE? The daily question i'm asked as i'm running around town in my bright red polo shirt with hat to match with the logo (- PACE >) on the front of both, well to keep it simple PACE is a Commercial & Residential Janitorial cleaning service. Oh! the person says, I see your trucks everywhere. Me: Ya we try to stay busy, have a great day call us if you have any cleaning needs. As I sit to write this article i'm thinking to myself, I know (most) people have heard of us in our community in some way or another but do they really know what we stand for and who we are? Hmmm, I dont think they do, so here it goes. . .

Barstow Ca, the home of PACE SERVICES! We specialize in Commercial & Residential Janitorial cleaning. We provide cleaning services for anyone who calls (Elderly, Busy Professionals, Retirees, Small Business, Large Business, Wharehouses, Industrial Plants, Apartmenet cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, window cleaning) you get the point . . . We Clean! Yes we have perfected the process of turning dirty, nasty, (smelly) situations into bright, clean and fresh environments. We take pride in provinding an above average customer experience, in what typically is, for lack of better words, a mom&pop mentality business. Ya its cliche but we truly believe our employees are our most valuable assets. We invest a lot of time, energy and effort into our staff (Just ask one of them how many trainings we make them go to) because we believe in pushing their limits to maximise their full potential.

At PACE we challenge the way traditional small business operate through personal relationships with each one of our staff members, personal and professional education & training and the highest level of customer service. We believe in challenging the status quo. We are excited when confroned with what seems to be impossible situations and make them possible. We whole heartetly believe in supporting our community through financial contributions, sponsorships and volunteer time. We invite anyone to who needs residential , commercial or Industrial cleaning to give us a call. We can handle all projects big and small, from large construction clean ups, striping and waxing tile floors to weekly housekeeping services.

When you invite PACE into your home or business for which ever cleaning service you may need, you will know that you are getting the BEST cleaning service avaliable. On top of that your supporting a business who believes we exsist to provide not only a quality product but have it provided by quality people.

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